Party With Me in Berlin, Hannover + Zurich

Hello dear friends! Our book, Decorate for a Party, is on tour at the moment so we have lots of nice events behind us and some immediately ahead – and these are the ones I’d love to share with you today. We’ve been to Hamburg (posted here), London (posted here), Victoria (to post tomorrow) and Amsterdam (posted here). Next up is Berlin, Hannover and Zurich. In December, there is a possibility of Paris, Nashville and New York, we’re currently looking for a shop or studio space to host us in Nashville and New York if you know of anyone… Send them my way (holly [at] decor8blog [dot] com).

Party With Me in Berlin, Hannover + Zurich

With any book tour, you want to meet and connect with your friends and fans. To me, this is the biggest goal and is most fulfilling since I am alone working most of the time. To connect with people, give and receive praise and hugs, feel a big chunk of girl power – it really keeps me going. It’s also so much fun to meet new people and to see familiar faces. I cannot believe how many people are still entering the blog/social media space online. When you’ve been in this business for over 10 years, you wonder if there is room for much more growth, you wonder if blogging will fade into the sunset. From the events I’ve been at over the past few months for my book, the answer is definitely NO because I’m out meeting the next gen of bloggers and social media gurus (along with ladies my age) who are going to just work with all of the blogosaurus like me to build an even better experience online – together. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to see what the combination of fresh eyes and wisdom/experience will produce – I’m working hard in my own little spot here to contribute to that because I want it to be epic and wayyyy more interesting than it is even today.

But you just don’t have these conversations or see these people without being OUT there. My events are about the book, yeah, but also for me an excuse to have a fully sponsored party so that I can see and meet people and be OUT THERE. I LOVE my sponsors too, they are so generous and kind to me but also to my guests. Like at Anthropologie in London last month – the staff there were just beautiful to us.

Honest to god, it’s refreshing and wonderful to be touring a book again after nearly 5 years. I didn’t tour the second one, just had a launch party in London, and I didn’t tour the third because I had a baby 6 weeks before the book launched. So to be touring again brings back such good memories and I’m able to create new ones. My life is so much different than it was 5 short years ago. And everyone who comes to these events buy a book (or we give them away for free in a goody bag) and have them signed, which is wonderful and supportive and keeps authors going BUT my greatest takeaway from these events is the overwhelming support from our community that is still present and strong, the ability we have as a group to create change online, and the way meeting in person helps us to go back to our offices better, stronger and encouraged to keep pressing on.

With that sad, I have some exciting announcements to make today. Here are the three cities where you can come meet with me. Two of these events are going to offer you free copies of the books in beautiful goody bags thanks to our wonderful sponsors. All of them will have a chance for you to mingle, make friends, learn something new and spend time with me and my friends, fellow creative women and men who really love working together in this online space.

For each event below, you will need to RSVP or in the case of Zurich, you will need to complete a form and hope that you win a space. If you register asap, you just may!

Party With Me in Berlin, Hannover + Zurich

10 November BERLIN – Sponsored by – Press + Blogger Party with a Styling Presentation/Discussion – RSVP here


Party With Me in Berlin, Hannover + Zurich

19 November HANNOVER – Sponsored by decor8 and Kukkamari – Party with Holly + Friends – RSVP here 


Party With Me in Berlin, Hannover + Zurich

26 November ZURICH – Sponsored by Blickfang, Annabelle magazine, Random House/DVA – Styling/DIY Workshop with Holly – Enter to win here

See you soon everyone, I can’t wait!


(Photos: Laure Joliet, Janis Nicolay and Holly Becker)


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