Pastor John Gray’s Church Facing Eviction After Redemption Church Terminated Its Lease Agreement With Relentless Church

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Pastor John Gray’s entire congregation is going to have to have to find a new home, unless The Relentless Church reaches a new leasing agreement with their current property earner, Redemption Church.

Redemption Church filed for eviction against The Relentless Church a month after Redemption terminated its lease agreement with the megachurch. Relentless was asked to vacate the property by the end of 2019.

It’s 2020 now and the court filing claims that Relentless breached their leasing contract after it failed to make payments to cover the costs of the sanctuary and the Imagine Center, Greenville Online reports.

In a statement written Thursday night, Pastor Gray said of the eviction:

“We stand behind our original statement and are confident that the payment amounts required under the leases referenced in the complaint have and will continue to be paid,” Gray said. “Our efforts at mediation and with wise counsel to present every detail absent of legal have proven fruitless on their end multiple times.”

The megachurch preacher than addressed his congregation, assuring them the church administration had done their due diligence financially.

“To the Relentless Church family, please note, we have dealt honorably and have utilized every possible measure to resolve these differences to date. We will continue to serve the Lord, reach the lost, and serve the community. This unfortunate issue will not hinder the vision, work, functionality, or heart of this church.”

Katari Buck, an attorney representing Redemption Church and its property, said in a statement to the news on Thursday that because the two churches couldn’t agree on a day Relentless would vacate the premises, Redemption took legal action to protect its property.

“Redemption is unable to continue to absorb the mounting debts and past due accounts associated with the Greenville property during Relentless’ tenancy and therefore has no other option but to seek to regain possession of the property sooner rather than later,” Buck said.

The Relentless church made its debut in Greenville in March of 2018. The same year, Gray bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini as an anniversary gift.