People Are Happier & More Successful If They Partake In This Controversial Herb

If you consider marijuana to be a controversial topic, you might want to sit down for this one. According to a new study, marijuana users are happier and more successful in life than their non-smoking peers.

The Study

The new research might help put an end to the “lazy pothead” stereotype. Researchers say that cannabis smokers are more satisfied, more successful and even more likely to volunteer in their communities.

The study was conducted by BDS Analytics. Researchers surveyed both smokers and non-smokers from California and Colorado, two states that have voted to legalize cannabis. The survey included a variety of mental, social and financial factors, including life satisfaction levels, attitudes toward parenting and employment data.

The Results

The researchers found that marijuana consumers make significantly more money that those who do not smoke. California residents who smoke earned nearly $24,000 more a year. Researchers noted this finding may correlate to the face that 20% of California pot consumers hold a masters degree, while only 12% of non-smokers in California hold a master’s degree.

In Colorado, the researchers found that 64% of those who smoke weed have full-time jobs, compared to 54% of non-smokers. The analysis showed that weed consumers in Colorado generally feel better about their personal lives than non-smokers do.

BDS Analytics researchers also found an association between marijuana consumption, healthier habits and a more active social life. 36% of Colorado smokers described themselves as “very social people,” compared to 28% of non-smokers.

One of the most surprising discoveries was the fact that almost 40% of pot smokers in California volunteer in their communities, compared to only 25% of non-smokers.

Linda Gilbert, head of the consumer researcher division at BDS, summed up the results of the study by saying, “Cannabis consumers are far more removed from the caricatures historically used to describe them.”

Here are 9 successful people who use marijuana:

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