“People Have No Idea” Azealia Banks Talks Mental Health In Old Facebook Post

You may have noticed that we didn’t report the news that Facebook had deactivated rapper Azealia Banks’ Facebook page. I saw the story and wasn’t surprised. I’m sure that was the case with many people. After her racially insensitive rants on social media and her erratic behavior in public, it’s not the least bit surprising.

But I’m writing about it today because, found an old post from the page and shared it. In it, Banks speaks about her mental health issues and the struggles of finding the proper medication to treat them.

The link in the post is one to her song “Soda,” which include lyrics that are a bit reminiscent of Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky,” in that she speaks about pretending and attempting to self-medicate.

You can listen to the song and read the lyrics in the video below.

We’ve known for some time now that Banks is dealing with some issues. And if anything, this year has shown us that she’s not the only one. In fact, if you look around, we’ve seen similar behavior in other entertainers as well. In the forced absence from social media, we’re hoping that she finds some of the healing she needs.