Pepsi LIFEWTR’s Super Bowl 2017 Ad Features New Version of John Legend’s ‘Love Me Now’: Watch

Bring on the rain! PepsiCo is debuting its brand-new bottled water, LIFEWTR, with a Super Bowl LI commercial, and Us Weekly has the exclusive first look at the colorful 60-second spot and its new-ish music. Watch “Inspiration Drops” above.

John Legend recorded a special version of his hit “Love Me Now” to go along with the ad. “When I open up my eyes, inspiration all around. I feel so alive and I know it in my heart, something magical is about to start,” he croons, as several people start to notice rain drops falling from the sky that turn into art the second they hit the ground.

In the ad, a couple walking a dog, a father-daughter duo and a group of friends all marvel at the bright, beautiful designs created on everything from umbrellas to cars to buildings. The storm transforms an entire city into the art. 

The director of the commercial, Robert Stromberg, who has won Oscars for his work on Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, based the artistic ad on the water’s label, which showcases the work of up-and-coming artists. (The first series features art by Jason Woodside, MOMO and Craig Karl.) “We wanted the audience to see and feel art on an epic level. Art is all around us, we just have to see it,” Stromberg tells Us.

As for the pressure of creating an ad for the biggest TV night of the year, he said, “It’s pretty motivating to do the best work possible when you know 155 million people will be watching.”

A 30-second version of LIFEWTR’s ad will air during the first half of the big game on Sunday, February 5, when the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons, and the premium bottled water will be available nationwide in February. See all the Super Bowl commercials that have been unveiled so far here!

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