Petitioner Wants Mattel To Create A Laverne Cox Barbie

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Laverne Cox helped to break down barriers when she became the first openly transgender actress. She rose to fame after her role on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, which led to her achieving many firsts as a transgender actress. Now, one of her fans wants to her to be commemorated with her own Barbie.

A man named Jason Preston is reportedly calling for Mattel to make a Laverne Cox barbie so there is transgender representation among toys.

“Laverne Cox is the definition of the ‘inspiring woman,” he wrote on the petition. “To many young women and men around the world Laverne Cox is a symbol of what you can achieve if you are true to who you are.

The Emmy Award-winning actress heard about what Preston is trying to do and was flattered.

So far, the petition has 1,083 signatures. You can sign the petition here.