Picturesque Gardens Around Toronto

It may be hard to believe, but even in a concrete jungle like Toronto, there are hidden pockets of nature to explore. From outdoor landscapes to indoor botanical spaces, there are a number of picturesque gardens around the city. These public places serve as a little escape from the skyscrapers that we’re used to seeing. Whether you want to wake up and smell the flowers or capture the perfect backdrop, these gardens are gorgeous places to spend a spring day.

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Allan Gardens

Covering 16,000 square feet of area, Allan Gardens boasts an amazing collection of exotic plants and seasonal flower shows. There are six greenhouses that make up the conservatory: two tropical houses, cool temperate house, palm house, tropical landscape house and arid house. The first two tropical houses feature plants that bloom in more humid conditions. Plants such as camellias and jasmine that thrive in cool but frost-free environments can be found in cool temperate house. Palm House showcases a variety of palms, bananas and tropical vines, while Arid House has a display of unusual cacti. The collection is perfect for any green thumb looking to discover plants from around the world.

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Toronto Botanical Garden

Located north of the city, the Toronto Botanical Garden is a popular spot for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. With event spaces and adjoining garden courtyards, it combines the best of being indoors and outdoors. There are 17 gardens each with a different theme, including a Kitchen and Herb Garden, Teaching Garden and Woodland Walk and Bird Habitat. Visitors can choose to simply explore the gardens or learn about garden techniques such as propagation and pruning at the Demonstration Courtyard.  

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Toronto Music Garden

This unique garden at the Harbourfront Centre is an unlikely combination of music and greenery. The space, which was designed cellist Yo-Yo Ma and landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy, is inspired by the pictorial element in Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suites for Unaccompanied Cell. The Toronto Music Garden is open all year round and hosts events such as a summer music series and eco-programs.

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Edwards Gardens

Home to the Toronto Botanical Garden, Edwards Gardens was formerly a private estate. Now volunteer-run, the garden allows visitors to stop and enjoy the views the garden has to offer. It’s the perfect destination for flora lovers as it is filled with roses, wildflowers and annual plants. Complete with walking trails, rock gardens and wooden arch bridges, it makes for a picturesque haven.