Porsha Talks About Current State Of Her Friendship With Phaedra

I think the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion did a good job of showing just how everyone felt about the entire situation. And from the way Porsha kept scooting further and further away from Phaedra on the couch, it was clear that the future of their friendship was in danger. And according to a recent sit down with her on Dish Nation, it seems that they have yet to mend it. We all know that Porsha works for the network, so it’s only natural that Rickey Smiley and ‘nem would ask her what’s up. See what she had to say.

Is there any way you and Phaedra will be back friends?

“I don’t know this whole situation has been just so hard for me. I mean, just so difficult. It’s difficult for me to even watch it… I mean it’s difficult because I love Phaedra. She was like my best friend, someone who I talked to on the phone every single day. So for me to feel like she had betrayed me like that. And the fact that I was sitting right there and watched her continue to lie on me about it. That’s the part that I just can’t get past and I don’t know if I ever will.

In lieu of everything that happened, if your phone rang right now and it’s Phaedra, do you answer the phone?

I didn’t say that she hadn’t called. She has called. I can’t talk to her on the phone right now. I don’t know what else to say…

You can watch the portion of the interview in the video below.

EXCLUSIVE: #PorshaWilliams can’t get past #Phaedra’s manipulation lies!! ?

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