Producer DJ Mustard Dishes On How He Lost More Than 100 Pounds


If you’ve listened to hip-hop music over the last few years, you know who DJ Mustard is. The producer, born Dijon McFarlane, has made top hits for everyone from Rihanna to Trey Songz to 2 Chainz and his good friend, rapper YG. Aside from being known for the sounds of his beats, DJ Mustard was also known for his large size. But after feeling limited in what he could wear and what he could do with his young son, the producer, who is only 26, decided to make strides to live and be healthier.

“I like dressing in designer clothes, and it’s hard to buy them if you’re overweight,” DJ Mustard explained to the ladies of The Real during a recent episode. “I got tired of going into stores and it was like, I couldn’t fit anything. And overall, I wanted to be healthy. My son runs around the house and I wanted to catch him.”

So the rapper made some pretty significant changes to his diet first and foremost. When he started noticing results, he kicked things up a notch and started adding workouts to his schedule.

“I did a lot of water. I did no carbs at all. Basically, no sugar,” he said. “I talked to Dr. Dre and stuff for a long time about losing weight. I didn’t really work out or nothing. I didn’t really start working out until I started seeing results and I was like, ‘I gotta keep this going.’ Then I just stayed away from sodas and juices and all type of stuff.”

Some people may not notice a big change, but based on what the producer looked like back in 2014 (see picture above and to the right), he appears quite different. Check out images of the new and improved DJ Mustard below.

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