Queen Latifah To Launch New Travel Series With Female Comedians

Queen Latifah

Michelle Obama, Missy Elliott, Sofia Bush, Diane Werner and Queen Latifah speak during a SXSW keynote dedicated to the “Let Girls Learn” initiative
Featuring: Queen Latifah
Where: Austin, Texas, United States
When: 16 Mar 2016

More than just Hip Hop royalty, Queen Latifah has been a boss. Since the nineties, she has consistently, created, starred in and produced content, specifically for and by Black people. And she’s showing no signs of stopping.

In a recent interview with Variety, Queen confirmed that she’s partnered with Electus to create a travel docuseries that will feature female comedians traveling with their famous friends. The tentative title for the new project is “Friends In Strange Places.”

She said, “There are so many funny, brilliant women in this industry, and – with plenty of successful male-driven travel series out there – a comedic docu-series about sisterhood and adventure is just the type of uncharted territory we want to plant our flag in,” Latifah said. “I’m so excited to develop a show that not only elevates and highlights female comedians, but also brings them together for an amazing time that will also be a trip for viewers.”

Queen Latifah will executive produce the show, set to explore the dynamic of friendships among women, through her company Flavor Unit Entertainment.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the details.