Ralph Macchio And William Zabka Set To Return To Karate Kid

A classic 80s’ rivalry is set to return. YouTube Red has announced that Ralph Macchio and William Zabka of The Karate Kid are both returning to the franchise that put them on the map for a follow-up sequel series that is coming soon.

In 1984’s The Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio played Daniel LaRusso, a bullied teenager who learns the martial art from an elderly gardener. His main rival was Johnny Lawrence, who was played by William Zabka. YouTube Red ordered 10 episodes of Cobra Kai, a half-hour comedy series that is set 30 years after the original film. In it, Johnny re-opens the Cobra Kai dojo that was shut down after the events of the film. He’s down on his luck and is seeking redemption. Unfortunately that puts him at odds with Daniel who is trying to find balance in his life after Mr. Miyagi passed away. In the films Pat Morita played Mr. Miyagi, and he passed away in 2005.  

“Like everyone who grew up in the 1980s, the three of us are enormous fans of The Karate Kid ,” the script-writers said in a joint statement. “Cobra Kai will be a true continuation of the original films — packed with comedy, heart, and thrilling fight scenes. We can’t wait to reignite the LaRusso-Lawrence rivalry, and we’re thankful to our partners at YouTube Red, Sony Pictures Television, and Overbrook for their shared enthusiasm in making our dream project a reality.”

While Cobra Kai is a fitting title, we were sort of hoping they would call it The Karate Man.