Ray J And Princess Love To Produce And Star In VH1 Baby Special


Singer Ray J and his wife Princess Love are expecting their first child this summer, and the two are inviting us all to witness the path leading up to it in a two-hour VH1 special.

According to TMZ, the show will not just be following Princess around in hopes that the Love Hip Hop: Hollywood star will give birth. Cameras will also document Ray J getting schooled on all the parental basics, like how to change a diaper.

The former Moesha star admitted that he had no idea how to do it. Hopefully, someone will be able to help him out with that…before the baby drops, that is.

Some guest stars that might be able to give him a lesson or two are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from the old school MTV series The Hills. The couple has been drafted to give some guidance in the show. And since they already have a six-month old baby, I assume they’re experts.

I have to admit that it would be funny to watch Ray J unsuccessfully practice. I mean, it is an art. The diaper can’t be too loose or else, you know, “stuff” will start leaking out or even plop out. And it can’t be too tight or else the baby will be uncomfortable. I mean, there are just some things that people are not good at – even the art of diaper-wrapping, so I’m actually curious to know whether he can do it.

Another guest star that will help him get in daddy mode is rapper Too Short. Apparently, the two are good friends, so he’ll be there as a yoda of sorts to let him know what to expect. The west coast rapper is a father himself, so his advice should be deeper than wrapping diapers.

Both Ray J and Princess are producing the special, along with Ray J’s manager David Weintraub. David will also be featured, but it’s not clear whether he will be giving daddy advice as well. Since that’s the theme of the show, I just assume so.

The special has already started shooting. You can see a clip of it here. Due to air in the summer, do you think this will be worth watching or nah?

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