Reactions To Phaedra’s Lies…Since She Had Nothing To Say For Herself


Admittedly, I don’t watch RHOA with any regularity. But anytime I catch the show, I can see exactly why it’s a Sunday fave for so many people. It’s messy and entertaining as hell. And while I don’t keep up with all of the weekly drama, I’ve had my suspicions about Phaedra ever since Apollo went to jail. And last night, they were confirmed as we watched some of the biggest lies she told this season, blow up in her face.

Still, because I assumed Phaedra was true to this fraud life, I figured that she would have had a backup plan or story to enact when she was confronted with her falsehoods. But apparently not. Judging by the silence and the blank expression that remained plastered on her face, Phaedra probably never assumed this would come back to bite her; and therefore, had nothing prepared to wiggle out of the situation. And since she had nothing to say, the good people of Twitter did more than enough talking for her.