‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Kenya Moore’s Dad Confronts Matt Jordan Over His Anger Issues

Someone’s got babies on the brain! Her name is Porsha Williams, and she’s a woman on a mission. The Sunday, December 18, episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta began with Porsha heading over to Phaedra Parks‘ house to babysit Phaedra’s two young sons. After many failed attempts, Porsha did manage to get them into bed, but she herself looked pretty spent. “I do realize that I may need a man to do all this,” she confessed to Phaedra when she returned home. Fortunately, things were ticking along nicely between Porsha and her target baby-daddy, Todd Stewart. In fact, it seemed he might be turning into a bona fide boyfriend.

Things weren’t going so smoothly for others, however. Kenya Moore was so desperate to fix her relationship with Matt Jordan that she actually had her dad fly in so the two could meet. (What could go wrong?) And Phaedra was fuming over comments that Kandi Burruss‘ mom had made at lunch about the bomb threat (or not, depending on which version of the story you believe) that she had received the week prior.

Meet the Family

Because he a brave soul, Todd attended a dinner with Porsha’s family, where he was predictably grilled by both her mother and her sister about his intentions with Porsha. At the outset, Todd was very quiet — too quiet, according to Porsha. “This is not the time to be shy, baby!” she laughed to the camera.

“Would you want to start over since you already have older kids?” Porsha’s sister asked. Todd said he would be open to it, if the circumstances were right. “My feelings are genuine,” he assured everyone. “I have good intentions. I love you.” It seemed that this was the first time he’d told Porsha that and she was pretty jazzed.

Kenya Recruits Her Dad to Help With Matt

Back at Moore Manor, Kenya chatted with her dad about her troubles with Matt (who had gotten violent on numerous occasions at this point). “I feel like he’s such a great person, but that whole other side when he gets mad and he starts throwing stuff — something has got to give,” she sighed. Her dad worried that Matt might escalate out of control and agreed to come visit to see if he could help.

As Kenya pulled up to her house with her dad in the passenger seat of her car, the first thing he zeroed in on were the broken glass panels on her garage door. It’s safe to say he was not impressed, but Kenya continued to insist that Matt loved her. She called him a “solid” person but admitted he might be on a path she couldn’t fix. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to try!

She set up a meeting between her dad and Matt at a cigar bar. After sending Kenya 17 text messages about why he wasn’t coming, Matt finally showed up more than 30 minute late. Kenya was irate that Matt had kept her dad waiting, but was also glad he finally arrived.

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‘RHOA’ Recap: Matt Kicks In Kenya’s Door

Matt hugged Kenya hello and then got to chatting with her dad. “I think that we both would like the relationship to grow,” Kenya said to kick things off before acknowledging that Matt’s anger issues were a real problem.

Matt soon got defensive and called Kenya manipulative, citing the fact that she kept calling him to come fix things at her house (implying that she was treating him like hired help). Kenya clarified to the camera that the only things she’d asked him to come fix were things that he, himself, had broken.

Her dad tried to chime in and help by arguing that both of them had to “give and take” to make the relationship work. “What I care about is feeling safe,” Kenya replied before adding that she couldn’t respect Matt at this point in time. Matt got angry and stormed out — though he stopped long enough to listen to Kenya’s dad, who told him to find a way to make it work if he thought their relationship was “really real.” Once Kenya’s dad was done talking, Matt left.

While all this was going on, Sheree Whitfield was busy trying to make her son a professional model, with some help from Cynthia Bailey. It didn’t seem like Cynthia was as enthused about that idea as Sheree was, so whether his career takes off or not remains to be seen.

Kandi and Phaedra Fight (Again)

Phaedra arranged to have dinner with Kandi to confront her about Mama Joyce making comments about the bombing issue that Phaedra thought were in bad form. Once Kandi realized that’s what they were there to discuss, she pretty much checked out. Somehow, though, Phaedra convinced her to stay, seemingly so they could fight.

Kandi defended her mom, arguing that she had only repeated what was being said on the news and then took Phaedra to task for saying she wasn’t scared but was hiring a bodyguard. (Phaedra said it had been her parents who had insisted she get protection.)

They both agreed (at different points in the conversation) that they should stop rehashing past arguments, but neither one could do it. “We both know you was counting down the days until [Apollo Nida] went away,” Kandi said. “You were already talking to other people before your husband even went to jail.” As Phaedra continued to fight back, Kandi got angrier and angrier, saying that Phaedra had always tried to make her the scapegoat.

“You didn’t even cry to [NeNe Leakes] about your husband! You cried to her about our friendship!” Kandi added, prompting Phaedra to say that she might have “loved” Kandi more than she “loved” her husband.

Kandi wasn’t buying that one bit. “That was really sweet but that’s when I can’t take what you say seriously,” she said before getting up and leaving.

Tell Us: Is there any hope for Kandi and Phaedra?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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