Real Style Explores Ontario’s Scenic Bruce Trail


Photo: brucetrail_btc on Instagram

Living in Toronto, opportunities to spend time in nature are hard to come by. However, what many people don’t know is that just an hour outside of our bustling metropolis is a portion of the Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath.

The trail runs through Southern Ontario, all the way from Tobermory in Georgian Bay to Saint Catherines, making the length of the entire trail a whopping 895 km. Avid hikers can embark on a weekend trip that covers the entire trail, but for a quick day trip to refresh and awaken you, shorter hikes offer a respite from the pressures of big city life. The trail itself  is maintained by the Bruce Trail Conservancy, an organization which consists of 1,400 volunteers who look after the luscious greenery and picturesque scenery of this Ontario hiking destination. 

Last month, Real Style was invited to hike a section of the Bruce Trail just outside of Hamilton, Ontario with outdoor footwear company KEEN to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new Aphlex hiking boots.

The hike was led by ecologist Adam Brylowki, who described the trail’s unique environmental makeup along the way. The trip began with a viewing of the Grindstone Falls, one of the over 100 waterfalls which exist in the Hamilton area. We were then led through a charming forest trail alongside massive boulders, tall trees, and a trickling creek. A highlight of the hike was a workout exercised with fitness expert and blogger Melissa Hetu of, who introduced a strenuous yet fun outdoor fitness version of the game, “Simon Says.” 

Toward the end of the day, we attended a tour and beer tasting at the Shawn and Ed Brewery in Dundas, Ontario, where we were treated to a tasting of the brewery’s signature craft beer. The sample tray of their home brewed offerings included three LAGERSHED beers that were a no frills, simple take on craft beer. Meanwhile, the more polished BARRELSHED brews offered a unique taste with subtle hints of toffee, caramel, and red wine.

By immersing ourselves in nature, we were able to find peace and beauty in a naturally stunning area of the province. The Bruce Trail is one of Ontario’s natural treasures, and as Torontonians, we ought to take advantage of its proximity more often. Whether you’re passionate about local ecology or simply craving a late autumn escape, we recommend leaving your phone at home in order to unplug and fully appreciate the scenic calm of the region.