Remember Franklin From My Wife And Kids? Today Is His 22nd Birthday, And He’s Not A Little Boy Anymore…

noah gray-cabey


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If you watched the very underrated ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids back in the day, then I know you remember Franklin Aloysius Mumford. He was the super intelligent, super talented piano-playing boyfriend of Kady Kyle, and who Kyle patriarch Michael (played by Damon Wayans) would call on for answers/advice. Franklin was played by actor Noah Gray-Cabey, who at the time (2002-2005) was just a little boy who turned being a child prodigy into a successful acting career. He went from that series on to shows like Heroes (and later Heroes Reborn) and movies like Lady in the Water. All these years later he’s starring the hit CBS medical drama Code Black, and is nowhere near a little boy anymore (just as Parker McKenna Posey who played Kady, grew up fast too). Today is his 22nd birthday and he’s grown to be quite the handsome and buff young man. Yes, Noah has been in the gym.

Take a look for yourself at the ways in which the actor has grown up in honor of his 22nd Born Day. He’s come a loooong way.

Had a great time shooting some pics with @estudios_official …and you’ll be happy to know I did eventually figure out how to put my shirt on. #photoshoot

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