Remy Ma Says “SHEther” Was Inspired By Nicki Minaj Trying To Jeopardize Her Money

You know Wendy Williams couldn’t wait to Remy Ma on the couch. And while she and Fat Joe were scheduled to appear long before the beef between Nicki Minaj, when she finally showed up, it was all the two could talk about. See what she had to say inside.

Wendy: Why was Nicki targeted?

Remy: It wasn’t that she was targeted. What people don’t understand—I hear people like ‘We’re waiting for her response.’ That was a response. She started it. And I feel that its’s weird because she’s been doing this to a lot of females from Lil Kim, to Mariah, to Taylor to Hannah (like Miley Cyrus) and no one says anything.

Wendy: What is it that she does?

Remy: It wasn’t necessarily the little subliminal stuff on records because I didn’t care. I don’t care about records. I’ve spoken to her like, ‘Whatever you say, you’re supposed to say you’re the best and none of y’all better than me.’ It was the behind the scenes things that you people would never know about as far as trying to keep me off of red carpets, and trying to make sure awards don’t go to me or she’s not going to be in attendance, trying to get people to make bad reports about my album sales or just anything that I’m doing to make me look less and make her look better. And I have a problem. When you’re trying to stop my bag, when you’re trying to stop me from taking care of my children, then I have a problem with that.

Wendy: I think we all thought this had to do with music?

Remy: No. I didn’t care about the record. To me, the record that she did, that everyone was saying—that I also heard behind the scenes that she was promoting as the record that was going to end me—I thought it was wack. I didn’t care about that. To be honest, I didn’t care. What bothered me was the behind the scenes things. You so up and you’re so on top of everybody, you’re better than everybody, why are you worried about little ole me over here? I’m like I just came home from prison, I don’t want no problems with nobody.”

Wendy: And you did a lot of research…

Remy: This is the thing about me. And Joe can tell you this. We can be friends and I will be cataloging information while we’re cool. Just in case, by some chance we get into it one day. Nothing ever happens, I never open the file cabinet. But if we do…

Wendy: I don’t even know what she can say.

Remy: I’m not waiting to hear anything. I’m done. Everything I said, I said. People have been calling me from every single media outlet and x, y and z. I don’t really care. They’ve got the record.

Then Wendy asked her about the tea Meek Mill spilled on Nicki’s behind popping.

Remy: Me and Meek had a relationship prior to this. When I first came home and he was incarcerated, we would talk on the phone. And I haven’t spoken to him since they were together. I’m not going to sit here and be like ‘Oh, it was a malicious conversation.’ People feel like he was foul. But there’s a lot of foul things people do when people break up.

I’ma say one last thing and I’m not going to discuss it anymore, this person just based on what I’m witnessing, is not a nice person. Listen, if I learned anything it made me realize that I have to be a certain way to everybody, the help, the hair the makeup, the person that’s holding the door, the car driver. Because so many people have been coming and the things that I’ve been hearing—like I’m petty, like really, really bad. The things that I’ve been hearing, ‘Nah, nah I’m not going to say that. like please. That’s too much.’ Somebody once said when they were in the middle of a rap battle, you gotta be careful who you choose your battles with, who you pick fights with. People can say what they want but I know what I did.

I came appropriate for the services.

Wendy: I was thinking. I wasn’t going to mention it but it’s really hard to not notice, halfway through the conversation that she’s dressed for a funeral.

Remy: My grandmother always told me to never speak ill of the dead so we’re just going to leave this conversation alone.

Well, there you have it.