Report: BET Will Not Renew “Chasing Destiny” For A Second Season

If you were anything like me, you thoroughly enjoyed BET’s “Chasing Destiny.” So, it hurts me to tell you that the docuseries will not return for a second season. But that doesn’t mean the group is over or has disbanded. Aside from the singles they’ve released thus far and touring with R. Kelly, they’re looking for a hit single.

Their creative director Frank Gatson, who appeared on the show and served as a mentor for the ladies, confirmed the news and their search for a single in a recent Instagram post. According to a screenshot taken by TheJasmineBrand, Frank left this comment on his Instagram page, likely addressing the inquiries people have about the group.

“When we get it right. There will be an EP. or Album…lance- did nothing. All of us-did nothing. Wrap around did nothing. Alright-did nothing. We need a hit song. Then we will release a EP. The girls are working hard to find a hit. They have done almost 100 songs. Touring with R kelly is getting Fan base up. Amen to that. Essence in July is a blessing. #blessed We must find a hit song. Send one if you have it. A lot of people don’t know who @Junesdiary is. Also the show Chasing Destiny is cancelled. Got it everyone. 

Image via WENN

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