Restaurant Foods That Are Consistently Overpriced

If you’re like me, then on principal, you won’t buy something if it’s over-priced even if it’s well within your budget. Sometimes it seems like vendors are performing some sort of social experiment to see how much money they can get out of consumers for something that really isn’t worth much. Restaurants are some of the worst offenders; if they serve it on an oval plate and add a pretty garnish to it, they think they can charge you $28 for white fish and rice. Really? You just paid for an hour of that fisherman’s workday! It’s nice to splurge on restaurant food sometimes, but if you’re going to do it, get something that really is worth the money, and is difficult to make at home. Here are restaurant foods that are consistently over-priced.

Side salads

Some restaurants charge as much as $8 for a side salad—and a tiny one at that. They purchase giant bags of lettuce at a wholesale price of around $2 to $5, and from those bags make nearly twenty side salads.