‘Revenge Body’ Recap: Khloe Kardashian Talks About Her Lamar Odom Breakup

To heck with the ex! On the Thursday, February 9, episode of Revenge Body, Khloé Kardashian helped two women who had been involved with unappreciative guys. One of them wanted to get revenge on her husband, who left her after deciding that her weight gain made her “not the right girl anymore.” So you already know this episode was emotional, but don’t worry because it was empowering, too!

From Wedding Ring to Gymnastic Rings

The first contestant was Tiffany Morgan, a woman who was young when she married her high school sweetheart, then managed his budding acting career behind the scenes until the day he decided he didn’t want to be with her anymore.

“You are like my twin soul. I was very much the same. I wanted to be with [ex-husband] Lamar [Odom], and I wanted to do everything. I never missed a home basketball game,” Khloé said as she looked down at Tiffany’s ring, which she hadn’t taken off yet. Khloé told her to start recognizing how awesome she was without him and not to devote herself to getting him back. Tiffany agreed, so Khloé sent over celebrity trainer Lacey Stone. Lacey, too, was left out of nowhere by her spouse, so she vowed to “heal [Tiffany’s] heart a little.”

At their first training session, Lacey asked Tiffany to take off her ring, but the contestant wasn’t ready. Instead, they spent the workout learning how to take out aggression in a healthy way. Midway through, Tiffany yelled, “Screw him!”

Six weeks later, while out to eat with her friends, she found the courage to take off the ring after she saw one of Khloé’s inspirational Instagrams. Before she did it, she FaceTimed Lacey to make sure her trainer, who was “instrumental” in helping her get to that point, could “be there.”

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a … Giraffe?

The second contestant was Jamie Lamb, a tall, fun-loving woman who replaced her absentee father with food. She was ready to be in a relationship with a man — nicknamed “Shorty Doo-Wop” — who she had feelings for, so she wanted help getting in shape to impress him. He had been hesitant to commit, and she was sure it was because of her weight.

She declared that her ambition was to look good in a giraffe-print catsuit. As a tall woman, she wanted to be “giraffically sexy.”

Jamie was paired with trainer Simone De La Rue, who was shocked when Jamie hadn’t lost much weight after six weeks of working out. Jamie found herself unable to keep up with the workouts and diet regimen she was prescribed, but the day of the weigh-in, she buckled down. By the end of the 12-week program, she was down 60 pounds.

The Reveals!

At her reveal, Jamie looked around but couldn’t find Shorty Doo-Wop. He stood her up, but she told the camera that she didn’t care. She felt “beautiful and amazing and every word in the dictionary” because, catsuit and all, she was a “sexy giraffe.”

Tiffany didn’t plan a party for her reveal. Instead, she appeared on stage at Lady/Freak, a female-driven comedy show helmed by former Nightly Show star Grace Parra. Tiffany, looking fabulous with her blonde hair, custom clothes and new figure, appeared on a panel to describe her choice not to “atrophy in [her] grief.”

Guess who was in the audience? Just guess! Okay, we’ll tell you. It was her ex, and he looked appropriately ashamed as she spoke about her confusion, sadness and ultimate triumph. After the show, he met up with her and called her panel appearance “fantastic.” They shared an awkward hug, and then Tiffany just walked away. Go, Tiffany! You get big cheers from Us!

The final title cards revealed that both Tiffany and Jamie have continued to work out and are so totally over their exes. Tiffany has a new man, and Jamie is, and we quote, “single and ready to mingle.”

Tell Us: Do you think Khloé still has feelings for Lamar?

Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian airs on E! Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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