Reverse Smokey Eye- The Makeup Trend To Rock Now


Photo: jordanmurray_makeup on Instagram 

While most makeup addicts are familiar with the smokey eye at this point, the reverse smokey eye is the latest take on this popular beauty trend. Unlike the more classic version, this reverse makeup trend flips the smokey eye on its head and focuses on the waterline.

As opposed to a traditional smokey eye, the reverse look features darker makeup around the lower lash line. Meanwhile, the upper eyelid is accented with lighter shades of eyeshadow, which can include neutrals or more daring neons. In fact, some beauty addicts are even contrasting the look of smudged lower eyeliner with funky purple or soft lavender hues.


Photo: makeupbypolinap on Instagram 

To master the reverse smokey eye, try emphasizing your eyelids with bold winged liner and a variety of soft, shimmering eyeshadow shades. Next, outline your lower lash line with complementary smudged liner and shadow.

While a reverse smokey eye may look over-the-top for a day on the job, it can certainly impart gothic beauty for a night out. If you’re sporting a sequined frock and a pair of towering stilettos for a Friday night on the town, a reverse smokey eye just may complete your look.


Photo: makeup_by_falvey on Instagram 

Add a hint of glitter to truly transport your eye to the next level, or stick to smudged matte shadow in shades of brown. Either way, the smokey eye has officially taken the leap to the dark side this season- and with incredibly eerie yet majestic results.