Ribbon Eyeliner Steals The Spotlight As A New Makeup Trend


Photo: hannahbeamakeup on Instagram 

Although winged liner has been an essential makeup trend for years, it looks like the latest update on this beauty fad is set to deliver a swirling dose of colour. Known as ribbon eyeliner, the latest development in eye makeup is quickly making a splash on Instagram.

Featuring eyeliner in various pastel hues, ribbon eyeliner takes the elegant black edge of cat eyes to new heights. Makeup gurus are adorning their eyelids with spirals and squiggles in all manner of white, vivid pink and blue tones. Meanwhile, a softly smudged look helps to create an ethereal effect, which can easily illuminate your visage on a Friday night.

For minimalists who prefer simply a sweep of eyeshadow, the ribbon eyeliner trend may be taking makeup artistry too far. However, if you prefer unexpected hints of colour, then Fall 2016’s emerging fad of eyeliner ribbons may be your new signature beauty look.

Before you decide to embrace the trend or permanently shun it, take a glimpse at these examples of ribbon eyeliner and test the makeup look for yourself.


Photo: daisiesandpearlsbeauty on Instagram 

ribbon eyeliner 3

Photo: glowawaymeg on Instagram