Rock Coloured Mascara Like A Pro With These Tips

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Despite having a reputation of being a tacky makeup trend of the 80s and 90s, coloured mascara has been popping up on the runway in recent seasons. Using coloured mascara is both a fun and easy way to incorporate colour in your makeup routine. It can be quite tricky to master, however, here are some tips to use coloured mascara like a pro:

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1) Choose the right colour: One main tip is choosing a shade that compliments your eye colour. Purple shades tend to suit brown and green eyes, whereas blue and yellow shades look cute with blue eyes. Green shades work well with hazel eyes. Choose complementary colours as they will make your eyes pop.

2) Keep the rest of your eyes bare or very simple: Avoid matching your coloured mascara to your eye shadow. If you do want to apply eye shadow, try using a very natural and fresh-looking colour to avoid to much going on. Wearing coloured mascara is a great alternative to wearing coloured eyeshadow!

3) Ditch The Eyeliner: Keeping a natural looking lash line will help make the coloured mascara pop. However, if you do want to wear eyeliner, a thin line as close to the lash line is recommended.

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4) Colour on the bottom lashes: Wear the trend in a more subtle way by layering the coloured mascara on top of black mascara and on just the tips of the lashes. Apply the coloured mascara to only the bottom lashes, allowing for a toned down effect yet still a pop of colour. For a glammed up look, add glitter or sparkly eyeshadow for a night out or special event.