Ruth Ware’s Novel The Woman In Cabin 10 Optioned By CBS Films

First there was Gone Girl, then The Girl On The Train, now it’s Ruth Ware’s novel The Woman In Cabin 10 that is set to become the latest first person thriller based around an unreliable main character to hit the big screen. 

The Woman In Cabin 10 follows the story of a journalist named Lo Blacklock who is on a week long assignment on a luxury cruise ship, along with several extremely wealthy travelers. Shortly after the ship leaves port though, her dream assignment turns into a nightmare when she witnesses a passenger get thrown overboard after an altercation takes place. The only problem is though that the next morning all the passengers are accounted for and nobody seems to believe anything happened at all. The novel has been a hot commodity, spending 19 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list, and several studios were bidding for the rights to adapt it into a movie. CBS finally won out, although the exact terms haven’t been released.

Hillary Seitz is set to write the screenplay. Her credits include Insomnia and Eagle Eye. As of yet however no director has been announced, nor any of the stars. CBS Films will want to move quickly though in getting the film released, as this type of story seems to be flooding the market. The latest of such films, The Girl On The Train only made $75,000,000, which is far less that Gone Girl’s $167,000,000