Scandal’s Cornelius Smith Teases Marcus and Mellie’s Relationship: We’ll See ‘Their Chemistry’

Bellamy Young as Mellie and Cornelius Smith as Marcus on ‘Scandal.’

Credit: ABC/Byron Cohen

This could get Scandal-ous. Scandal’s Cornelius Smith Jr., who plays Marcus Walker, tells Us Weekly exclusively that the Thursday, February 2, episode’s promised flashbacks to the election will feature more information about what exactly is happening between Marcus and Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young).

“Most of the information will be regarding to Marcus and Mellie about their experiences in the past and their chemistry, or lack thereof, of chemistry,” Smith tells Us. “I think we’ll see specifically what their chemistry is and kind of get into what makes them work so well or what makes them really bump heads. And we’ll see how that kind of takes the roller coaster up and down. I definitely think they get along, and I think in a relationship, that’s healthy… to not only complement but also challenge and maybe stir the pot a little bit in your partner.”

As viewers will remember, the Olivia Pope Associates employee and Republican presidential nominee shared a telling hug and near-kiss after Mellie won the nomination from her party at the end of last season.

Smith says Marcus “believes in Mellie,” and not just because of Olivia (Kerry Washington) and her help on the campaign trail.

“We see Marcus really, not only speaking the truth to Mellie but supporting her, encouraging her, reminding her that she is worthy, she is valuable, she is meant for the job… so I don’t think he would have been doing all of those things if he didn’t necessarily really believe in her as a person and in her candidacy,” he says.

Mellie endured tumultuous days following the election where she lost to Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Chavira), who was assassinated just as he was about to accept the presidency, leaving the role to his vice, Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry). And it remains to be seen whether Marcus will be able to comfort her.

“Some things went down, so we’ll see where they’re at and we’ll see if Marcus can kind of continue to be comfort to her. Those questions will probably be answered later in the season but right now I’m not sure,” he explains. “Also I’d say, the ball is not in his court, I’ll just say that.”

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