Seann William Scott Set To Replace Clayne Crawford On Lethal Weapon

It came down to the wire for Fox to announce whether they would renew Lethal Weapon for a third season, mostly because Warner Bros. Television was not going to renew the contract of series star Clayne Crawford who played Martin Riggs (originally played in the films by Mel Gibson). After a short search for a replacement they decided to bring in film star Seann William Scott.

The decision on Crawford was based on a report that was released two weeks ago, stating that Crawford had twice been reprimanded for behavior issues on set. While the studio wouldn’t give any more details, Crawford himself took to Instagram once the report was released and stated that both instances had to deal with concerns he had for working conditions on set. For the first incident he stated that he responded with anger over working conditions he felt were unsafe, and completed therapy while donating part of his salary for the episode with one of the people involved in the incident. The second reprimand, Crawford stated, was due to an accident that happened during an episode he was directing recently, and he took full responsibility for what happened. 

As for Crawford’s replacement, Scott is perhaps best known for his role in the American Pie series, as well as the Canadian hockey film Good and its sequel. This will be Scott’s first foray into TV, although he was set to be the star of the Amy Poehler-produced comedy series The Baby, back in 2016, but it didn’t get picked up. Scott will not be taking over Crawford’s vacated role either, and will instead play a new character that teams with Damon Wayan’s character Roger Murtaugh.

Photo: IMDB