See Who We Think Will Win The 2018 Best Actor Oscar

Once again, the Oscars are upon us, and this year we will find out who will reside atop Tinseltown as the best of the best on March 4. To help make things easier for you in case you haven’t seen all the nominated films, we’ve put together a list of who we think should win each of the major categories. First up, Best Actor. From playing characters drawn from real life, to fictional characters that seem like they were pulled from history, 2017 saw the men give some incredible performances.

To put it bluntly, Daniel Day-Lewis is used to winning. He’s won three of the five Oscars he’s been nominated for, and he makes his case for a fourth in Phantom Thread. In it he plays a manipulative couturier who dresses some of the richest women in 1950’s Europe. His character prefers the solitary life, away from everyone that he considers beneath him, yet he finds his life disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman he not only falls for, but whom he makes his muse. It’s not often you see humor in Day-Lewis’s roles, but this is a role that will make you laugh. Day-Lewis has called this his final role before retiring from acting, but we certainly hope that’s not the case.

One actor that’s not close to retiring yet is Daniel Kaluuya, and as he proves in Get Out he is award worthy as well. The young celeb stole the show as a young African-American who takes off for a weekend getaway to meet with his white girlfriend’s parents. The only problem is, things aren’t quite what they seem to be and the weekend quickly turns into a nightmare. Kaluuya’s career may be turning a corner thanks to Get Out, but it’s a another actor who has turned heads last year in a role that has made him one of the hottest actors going today.

Timothée Chalamet makes you believe that love can come in many forms in Call Me by Your Name. The romantic film simply put wouldn’t be what it is without Chalamet’s breakout performance. He puts everything out there as Elio, a young man caught in a storm of emotions as he deals with his first love, both won and lost. With just a look on his face, he can show the desire, the lust, the confusion, the pain and worry his character feels. From trembling lips and downward slanting eyes, Chalamet shows us why love can be hard. It’s a character that won’t be forgotten, yet it’s still not the best performance of the year.

Denzel Washington all ready had two Oscars, and another 5 nominations to his name before his nomination for Roman J. Israel, Esq.. The role of a defense attorney caught up in more than he bargained for seemed to be tailor made for him, and although it was a surprise nomination (everyone was expecting James Franco to get the nom instead), Washington’s chances are strong to take home a third trophy. Still, there is something just a little more deserving.

Simply put, Gary Oldman’s due for an Oscar. It’s hard to believe he’s only ever received one nomination in his long career before this one, but as they say, the second time is the charm. In Darkest Hour he plays Winston Churchill, and from the onset you have a hard time recognizing the man who has played some of the most memorable roles of the last 30 years. Churchill has always been portrayed as larger than life, but Oldman gives us more than that. He makes us wonder if perhaps the man known for being loud is as confident as he appears, and if he truly believes everything he says. These are the once in a lifetime performances that always get rewarded.