Shar Jackson’s Daughter Defends Her After Restraining Order: “My Mother Never Laid A Finger On My Child”

Earlier this week, it was reported that former Moesha star Shar Jackson had been hit with a restraining order by the father of her granddaughter. Actor Chris Massey alleged that his two-year-old daughter, Mariah, whom he shares with Jackson’s daughter Cassie (also referred to as Cassalei), stated that Shar was the cause of a four-inch gash on her forehead. He claimed that when he approached Shar about the situation, she was dismissive and said she would “do whatever she wants.”

Shar Jackson daughter

A judge granted the request for the restraining order, which requires Shar to stay at least 50 yards away from her granddaughter. Her rep stated that the allegations against the mother of four are false.

Aside from that, Shar hasn’t said anything about the situation. However, Cassie is speaking out to defend her mother and call out her ex.

“I told myself this wasn’t worth my time, but it is now a legal issue,” she wrote in a post on Instagram. “My mother has never laid a finger on my child and my ex is a despicable man for slandering her in a futile attempt to save face after his years of documented abuse. Please stop harassing my mother who has done nothing but protect me and try to get me to see the light where Christopher is concerned. I have filed reports against my ex in the past, but I chose not to fully prosecute him because of my, perhaps naive, belief that he would change and be a better father to our daughter.”

She added, “Please stop following me expecting a nasty rebuttal. I prefer privacy at all times. I pray God heals my exes [sic] heart, helps him deal with his demons and continues to protect my daughter through this.”

As we previously shared, Massey was arrested and booked for domestic violence after he was accused of pushing Cassie down outside of a nightclub in Las Vegas. She chose not to press charges in the matter and instead, they said she accidentally fell on her own.