‘Shark Tank’ Contestant Struggles to Pitch a Reinvented Chopstick: Watch the Sneak Peek

Not quite picking up momentum? A businesswoman tries pitching a reinvented chopstick on Shark Tank‘s Friday, April 7, episode, as seen in a new sneak peek at the ABC unscripted series.

The preview clip introduces Mylen Yamamoto, a former entrepreneurism teacher from Honolulu, Hawaii, who left academia to focus on her company, Cropsticks. “I’m seeking $75,000 in exchange for 12.5 percent of our company,” she tells the Sharks.

In the footage, Yamamoto explains that chopsticks traditionally were accompanied by something to rest them on, in order to keep the tips pristine throughout a meal. “But in modern-day commerce, it’s very expensive for restaurants to maintain this rest, leaving chopsticks to lay along on dirty, germ-y tables,” she says. “Chopsticks have been around for over 4,000 years, and that’s because this ancient utensil is simply amazing, but they’re not without fault.”

The aspiring mogul then pulls a pair of chopsticks out of her hair and says, “For example, these chopsticks are circular in shape, and when placed on the table, they tend to roll off.” However, when she tries to push the chopsticks off of a counter and onto the floor, they don’t move as easily as she was clearly hoping.

Watch the clip above. Shark Tank airs on ABC Fridays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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