She Tried It! Macadamia Professional’s Ultra Rich Moisture Collection

If you’re looking to lock in moisture for your hair after months of it being dry and brittle, then you’ve likely tried a whole host of natural oils for relief. We all know and can appreciate some Jamaican black castor oil, avocado oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and the well-known others for the way they make our hair feel and smell. But one oil that you shouldn’t take a nap on is macadamia oil. A brand called Macadamia Professional is selling it, along with with some amazing moisture, via salon-quality products for beauty supply prices.

Macadamia Professional

We here at MadameNoire had the chance to try the new ultra rich moisture line. We specifically tried the shampoo and conditioner ($22 each), as well as the oil treatment ($19.95-39.95) and masque ($36). The ultra rich moisture collection blends macadamia, olive fruit, sweet almond, argan, as well as mongongo oil, that infuses all textures, from deputy editor Brande’s curls to my locs.

Brande used the masque and said that it not only penetrated her curls, but gave them even more shape.

“I really loved this product,” she said. “It was thick like a masque should be and I felt like the masque was really coating and penetrating my hair rather than just sitting on top of it. I left the masque for about an hour with a conditioning cap and I could tell the difference in softness, especially on the ends of my hair. My curls started to take shape, even after combing through them with the masque on, instead of the ends of my hair being stringy and matted.”

As for my experience with the oil treatment and shampoo and conditioner, I was pleasantly surprised at the way my hair felt after using both this past weekend. While I’m used to my locs feeling hard after sitting in the dryer, the moisture rich products actually left my hair feeling a lot softer and smelling amazing. Not only that, but my scalp was cleansed without any buildup. I used the oil treatment, rich in antioxidants, on my scalp and strands to prepare it for the 45 minutes to an hour I spent under the dryer.

While I was initially skeptical, as I am with any product not made specifically for my type of hair, I was impressed with the enhanced shine and replenished moisture my hair ended up with. You can check out the entire collection, along with the other products Macadamia Professional has to offer, over at the brand’s website and through Ulta.