Sheet Masks Make A Splash As A Hydrating Skincare Innovation


Photo: erinanita on Instagram 

With the trend of bubble masks may have surfaced as a mainstream skincare innovation earlier this year, sheet masks are also another way to ensure a flawless, glowing complexion.

As part of the Korean skincare craze, sheet masking involves applying a cotton, paper or cloth face mask. Unlike a more conventional mud mask however, sheet masks require beauty lovers to stay perfectly still during the application process. The sheets are also composed of a serum formula, and many offer the nourishing skincare benefits of vitamins and minerals.

Despite their spooky appearance, sheet masks have become surprisingly popular and have started to develop a loyal following among beauty gurus. According to Women’s Health, these moisturizing facial masks are said to be different from clay masks, which can leave you with dry skin.

Although sheet masks are meant to hydrate a complexion which is in need of tender loving care, there are certain skincare needs which they cannot meet. For anyone with anti-aging concerns or an acne-prone visage, it may be worthwhile to consult a dermatologist or look into other skincare products.

Whether you’re preparing for a night out or looking to replenish a dehydrated complexion on a night out, sheet masks may be a quick and effective skincare fix. It may be a smart beauty move to place a few sheets in your makeup bag, for those days when stress and the elements threaten to ruin an otherwise gorgeous face.