Should Tamar Braxton Take A Break From Reality TV?


Tamar Braxton

LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 22: Singer Tamar Braxton attends the PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event at Nightingale Plaza on May 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Iyanla Vanzant may not have been able to fix all of the Braxton family drama, but she’s got a prescription for Tamar: No more reality TV. The problem is, we’re not sure whether that’s the best decision for the baby for the baby of the Braxton family.

After their on-air run-in, it didn’t take long for word of their bad blood to spread. Tamar even called Iyanla “the devil” and referred to her by her government name, so it was clear that she was not for the kumbaya. Now, a source from Iyanla’s camp has told The Jasmine Brand that the Fix My Life star thinks it’s time for Tamar to quit reality TV.

“Iyanla feels like Tamar craves attention and she’ll eventually destroy her own life and continue to damage her family’s relationships with one another,” the insider said. “She doesn’t think that reality TV is a good place for her.”

The tipster added, “She thinks that she might not be well, Iyanla wants Tamar to get some help.”

Iyanla has yet to confirm this opinion, but does she (allegedly and potentially) have a point or is she just being a hater? Let’s take a look.

Con: Tamar’s Been On TV Non-stop For More Than 7 years.
A lot of Tamar’s life as of late has been lived in the spotlight. Braxton Family Values debuted in 2011. Of all the sisters, she had the biggest personality, securing her status as one to watch during every episode. As such, she quickly earned her own spin-off, and Tamar Vince debuted in 2012. The show examined her life balancing her re-ignited singing career, family interactions, filming schedules for three or four different shows, and her home life as a wife and mom. Let’s not forget her run on The Real and Dancing with The Stars. All told, Tamar has had cameras following her pretty consistently for more than seven years. That’s a really long time to be”on” with so few breaks.

Pro: Reality TV Is One Of Tamar’s Job
Tamar goes to work when she gets in front of the camera and she makes for good TV. Whether you love her over-the-top character or are completely over her antics, there’s no denying that she eats up the screen. And people are watching every minute of it. Between albums and appearances, this is Tamar’s profession. Assuming that all production plans for more seasons of Tamar Vince have shuttered due to their split, Tamar might finally be getting a breather between seasons as a natural function of the shift in her life. And let’s not forget that her run on The Steve Harvey Show is also drawing to a close since his daytime talk show was cancelled. Tamar, like any other working woman, needs all the checks she can get. It just so happens that reality TV is her most reliable source of income at present–and she’s great at it.

Con: She’s Going Through A Rough Transition
Tamar’s home life has hit some huge bumps in the last year as she split from Vincent Herbert. Most people handle divorce in private, which is for the best, but Tamar hasn’t really gotten a chance to do that. We watched the breakdown of her marriage over the last season of Tamar Vince, and we’ve seen the pair try to figure out whether they’ll work things out or just co-parent on Braxton Family Values. These are both things that most people would rather not do on camera, so it might be best for Tamar to take a step back until this is definitively sorted out and everyone–including their son Logan–has had time to adjust to the new normal.

Pro: She’s In A New Relationship
It did not take Tamar long to bounce back from her breakup with Vince. She confirmed over the summer that she is dating someone who she can’t get enough of. As she told Wendy Williams, she’s very much in love and she’s ready to start a family with him. It would be interesting to see her in that new relationship and adjusting to life on her own terms. Not only that, but she’s mending her relationships with her sisters and that could be some very compelling viewing next season on Braxton Family Values.

Though Tamar has battled physical health issues in the past, as far as we know she isn’t suffering from any mental or emotional health concerns that would warrant a departure from reality TV life. Still, we can’t deny that a break could do the 41-year-old some good. There’s no denying she’s in need of some type of healing and that’s very hard to do in front of the cameras.