Signs He’s Still Too Fresh From His Breakup To Date

Some men do a wonderful job of pretending they are totally happy, stable and over their last breakup. They can pretend this just long enough to get another woman to go out with them, but then when they do begin to date, the reality hits them that they aren’t ready. That explains just how and why you end up on dates with men who are still too heartbroken to even be dating—they didn’t know what was good for them. Now let’s look at ways that you can determine a guy is still too fresh from a breakup to date, so you can pick up on them before you get attached to the emotional wreck.

He asks you how to get over a breakup

He thinks asking you about the worst breakup you’ve ever had, and how you got over it, is an appropriate first date conversation. It even seems like he’s taking mental notes based on your tips for surviving heartbreak.