“Sometimes As Women We Need To Really Get Over Ourselves.” Amanda Seales Talks Truth, Tiffany Dubois and Being On #TeamLawrence

amanda seales talks tiffany dubois

I remember dragging my friends to the Helen Mills Theater in NYC to see Amanda Seales’ one-woman show, “Death Of A Diva” a few years ago. Seales “woke up” a whole audience about the good and bad images of black women in American culture, the progress we had made and how far we still had to go while singing and dropping a few jokes in between scenes about the messages that were being sent to America about black womanhood through reality TV. After the show she engaged with the crowd proving she was as warm as she was woke. In addition to tuning in every week to tell Issa Rae she doesn’t know my life while she is humbled in her adventures of friendship, love, and non-profit budgets on HBO’s Insecure I’m also there cheering on Amanda Seales in her part as Tiffany Dubois.

The actress recently sat down with MTV News to talk about why she feels it’s her duty to tell the truth and come with facts, what’s next for her character in season two as well as why you should be on #TeamLawrence, just in case you felt otherwise.

Seales says truth is a big part of why she felt the need to school Caitlyn Jenner about privilege in the infamous clip that went viral in which the two shared a moment over dinner in a 72-hour livestream by Katy Perry:

“It wouldn’t have been effective for me to come out there to this dinner and then not be a voice. … It felt incredibly important for me that this type of messaging be put on display because so often it’s just not. I didn’t go there for the purpose of like, “We’re gonna put someone in their place!” However it’s so necessary to me to encourage people to be honest and true and to encourage these conversations to happen more frequently than ever with what’s going on in our country.”

In a world of alternative facts and fakes news, Seales feels like it’s her personal responsibility to keep it real, educate and empower others:

“I always say your truth is your compass to your purpose. [Society is] so much about what’s on the surface, and a lot of times that’s something that people have concocted and it isn’t actually what they really want to stand for. They feel like it’s what they have to put out there so that they can get to where they need to get. At a certain point in my life, I just decided I wasn’t going to do that anymore. If I couldn’t get to where I wanted to by being my organic self — which is a smart, funny, unapologetically black woman — then I felt like it’s not worth doing it, if i can’t do it the most organic way possible. Which is why I left the music business.”

Seales also revealed she’s bringing a little bit of her warm personality off camera to the part of the bad and bougie Tiffany Dubois in season 2 of Insecure:

“I think we get to see a warmer side of Tiffany this season. We just get to see more of what she’s really about beyond those surface things. That to me is what I’m really glad about. She’s not just bougie and likes her man. She’s a good friend, she works.”

She also reflects on what her character brings to the show and how she balances out main character, Issa Dee:

“She wants to look a certain way, for everybody, especially her man, and that’s the contrast that’s so interesting to see: how opposite she is from Issa, who doesn’t care about none of that.

At the end of the day she’s important because she’s another example of a type of black woman. And we need as many examples as possible because for so long we’ve been represented as a monolith.”

Seales also shares that the loyalty doesn’t end with Tiffany’s friendship with Issa, but continues in her off camera loyalty to #TeamLawrence:

“I’m absolutely Team Lawrence. I don’t even understand how people can not be Team Lawrence. Because how can you not be? I don’t understand how people can expect him to not — he didn’t cheat on her! He broke up with her and then he went forward. He ain’t cheat on her! So, you know, that’s my issue. People are crazy, but sometimes as women we need to really get over ourselves.”

You can catch Seales playing Insecure’s very own petty princess in season 2 which is now airing on HBO. You can read the interview in its entirety here.