Spirit Talker Shawn Leonard Brings His Unique Gifts To Television

If you heaven’t heard of Shawn Leonard before, you are in for a treat. He’s a Nova Scotia-based Mi’kmaq medium who has traveled the countryside talking to people and helping them find closure with their deceased loved ones. He’s taken part in one on one sessions, groups sessions, been a guest on several radio and TV shows, not to mention written a book on the subject called The Language of Spirit. And now he’s starring in a new 13-part TV series on APTN where he takes a journey throughout Atlantic Canada to connect more people to their loved ones in the spirit world.

Spirit Talker is a documentary series that is part personal journey where Leonard is reconnecting with his Mi’kmaq heritage, and part performance. One the performance side of things, each episode sees Leonard taking the stage and talking to a live audience, bringing them hope, healing and closure as he connects to the spirit world. For each episode he chooses two people to give one-on-one readings to, so he can take a closer look at what is troubling them. By talking to their deceased loved ones, he hopes he can bring them the peace they have been seeking. For his personal journey Leonard learns about the local history of the places he is visiting, by taking part in local cultural events and practicing their traditional skills. 

In a released statement Leonard says “Many people carry a heavy burden of sorrow, guilt, regret, fear, or separation after the loss of a loved one. What I hope everyone will take away from watching Spirit Talker is that we are all connected in ways that transcend this physical life and form. Our family, friends, and ancestors in the spirit world love us unconditionally and are still with each and every one of us.”

Spirit Talker premieres next Wednesday, February 19, at 8 p.M. on APTN.

Photo: APTN