Stairmaster In Stilettos? Celebrity Workouts That Literally Make Us Sweat

When it comes to working out, if you’re not sweating up a storm by the end, you haven’t put in enough work. And watching celebrity workouts on Instagram literally makes me want to sweat where I stand because they look like they’re feeling the burn in every muscle and every joint. The following stars have been putting in a tremendous amount of work in the gym to get the top-notch bodies they have, and it takes some intense fitness plans to make it happen.

celebrity workouts

From walking on Stairmasters in stilettos to trying to balance on a stability ball with weights and lifting weights with chains, it ain’t no fun if you don’t run yourself ragged. (Ok, so I was being facetious with that last part. Please don’t run yourself ragged! It’s not safe, sis.) Check out these famous faces hard at work in the gym and get motivated to push yourself a little bit further during your next sweat session.

Core stability on ball to finish up the workout! Everything starts and ends with the core. No core no nothing! ?#striveforgreatness? #savagmode?

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