Strut Into 2017 With These Brand New Fashion Books

For fashionistas who are also avid readers, the upcoming season offers ample opportunity to disappear into the pages of an intriguing new read. With dropping temperatures, it’s tempting to curl up by the fireplace with a warm drink and a book which can offer you sartorial inspiration all season long. Just in time for another year of fashion trends and hot new releases, we’ve rounded up a few promising titles to satisfy your inner style queen.

Fashion: A Coloring Book of Designer Looks and Accessories by Carol Chu and Lulu Chang, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: With the fad of adult colouring books reigning supreme into 2017, we can expect to see stressed out creative types pick up the crayons this year. This fashion-centred colouring book is the work of art director Carol Chu and creative director and writer Lulu Chang. It features designs by Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Chanel, with famous designer quotes included as well.

BEAMS: Beyond Tokyo by Sofia Coppola, Stella Ishii, Toby Bateman, Jonathan Barnbrook and Nigo, Rizzoli: As a Tokyo-based fashion brand, BEAMS opened in 1976 and is well-known for its approach to streetwear pieces. In the past, BEAMS has joined forces with athletic brands like Adidas, and has featured everything from sneakers to sporty jackets. Director Sofia Coppola collaborates on this new volume, which examines the funky world of the edgy Japanese label. BEAMS: Beyond Tokyo hits the shelves on February 14.

Dior by Mats Gustafson, Mats Gustafson, Rizzoli: In 2012, iconic French fashion house Dior teamed up with Swedish artist Mats Gustafson for a new series of illustrations. In this book, watercolour designs and collages make an appearance, highlighting Gustafson’s depictions of Dior’s collections.

Fashion in Detail: 1800 – 1900 by Lucy Johnston, Thames and Hudson: For fashion enthusiasts who want to take a trip back in time, Fashion in Detail just may be the perfect historical read. It explores the 19th century fashions which were featured in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibit. From corsets to waistcoats, this tome comments on the popular trends, garments and materials of the era.

Photos: Amazon