Stylish Or Foolish? Spanish Actress Steps On Cannes Red Carpet Dressed As An African Geisha

What my eyes have seen I just can’t keep to myself, folks. So, in advance, I apologize.

There I was, minding my business, looking through a particular photo agency’s images to figure out if people of color hit the red carpet for the Cannes film festival, which kicked off today. While scrolling through, I happened upon the most interesting ensemble I’ve seen since that young woman who will not be named wore a Donald Trump dress to the Grammys:

Victoria Abril Cannes African geisha

But this individual is not an unknown singer trying to get put on by appealing to nativists. This woman is an accomplished star of the screen. Her name is Victoria Abril, and she’s a 57-year-old Spanish actress and singer who has been in the business since the ’70s. She is a consistent collaborator with well-known Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar, and this year, he is president of the Cannes jury. Maybe that’s the explanation behind why Abril was present for this year’s festivities in Paris. However, I can’t give you an explanation when it comes to why she chose to wear this ensemble.

The hair is very much African. As is the inspiration behind the wax print that her kimono is made of. But the kimono (made in Kyoto, Japan), along with the obi belt, are clearly of Japanese influence. It’s like she woke up and thought, “Whose culture can I wear as a costume on the red carpet today?” But really, we know that she just woke up ready to get people talking and get some attention. Congratulations, Victoria, you’ve succeeded.

Images via Splash and WENN