Surviving The Holidays With His Conservative Parents


If your boyfriend is open-minded, laid-back, and totally non-judgmental, he may have gotten that personality from his parents. Or, he may have developed it as a reaction to his parents very opposite personalities. If that is the case, then your partner likely has some uptight parents. You can feel like a teenager again when you enter the home of your boyfriend’s ultra-reserved parents; watching everything you say, making sure you don’t drink too much, checking that your cleavage isn’t too noticeable.


You only need to survive a few days with them over the holidays, but you do need to tighten up a little if you’re going to visit your man’s conservative family. You may not agree with their views, but you do want their blessing. Here is how to survive the holidays with your partner’s conservative parents.

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Get your most conservative top, now cover it up

Keep in mind that your standards for conservative clothing are very different than his. While you may think that one sweater only shows a little cleavage, you can almost guarantee nobody else at dinner will be showing any.