T.I. And Tiny Are Moving Forward With Divorce

TI and Tiny

When we first learned that Tiny filed for divorce back in December, I know there were several people who doubted whether or not she would go through with it. But after some more time to think about it, likely influenced by T.I.’s distraction comments, the whole thing is moving forward.

According to Radar Online, T.I. has not only been officially served with divorce papers, he’s responded.

In the papers, Tiny said the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation. She is seeking primary physical custody of the children with joint legal custody of their three children. She asked the judge to decide the amount of child support T.I. will have to pay.

In addition to the children, she is seeking temporary and permanent alimony consistent with her standard of living. She is also asking the T.I. cover their marital debt as he has the higher earning potential.

She also requested that T.I. turn over all financial records regarding their money and investment accounts.

While T.I. has yet to respond to the divorce petition in court, he’s filed papers of his own as of April 24, acknowledging receipt of the divorce papers.

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