Take Care Of Your Hair And Body With The “New Year New You” Workout Series

It’s a new year, and with it should come new motivation to do better and be better. So when you say you want to make your health a priority in 2017, are you taking the right steps to make that happen?

For those who struggle to get active due to worries over their hair, the New Year New You workout series can not only help you sweat, but it can also give you the tools to take care of your natural hair before and after a workout.

Ladies who sweat! The first #NewYearNewYou crew, including senior editor @ghostwritervic. Next session on Feb. 18. More details coming soon ? @KingLondonSupreme @Body_by_Burnhard @naturalpartnersincrime @naturallyshesdope Goodie bags by @edenbodyworks! #fitness #wellness #naturalhair

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The series, which is available for women in the New York/New Jersey/tristate area, is brought to you by the popular hair care platforms Natural Partners in Crime and Naturally She’s Dope. It was put together in the hopes of making fitness and wellness a priority. No more excuses!

However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your strands completely to be active. So how do you take care of both body and hair?

That’s what the New Year New You series aims to help you figure out. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to check out the first session, which took place at Ripley-Grier Studios.

Session 2 ??? @kinglondonsupreme #newyearnewyou2017 #npcevents

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There were three in a day, but I participated in the second session at 12 p.m. The workout session, clocking in at one hour, was led by sought-after trainers Jeff London (@KingLondonSupreme) and Scott Bernard (@Body_by_Burnhard). Both men conducted 30-minute sessions that included everything from dancing to “Palance” and using resistance bands to hold some excruciatingly long squats. By the end of the whole thing, I was covered in sweat and more than satisfied with my workout. It was the right combination of cardio through dance as well as organized moves focused on arms, core and those glutes, all of which are hot spots many are looking to get right and tight.

@naturalpartnersincrime sharing some hair care tips for working out ?? #newyearnewyou2017 #naturallyshesdope #npcevents

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In between both 30-minute sessions, there was a “hair break.” During the pause, we were given instructions on how to take care of our hair after working out, as well as recommendations for the type of products that can clean up a gunk-filled scalp, co-washes to clean things up, and shampoos to cleanse hair without drying it out. At the end of the workout series, we were given a bag stocked with full-sized products from EDEN BodyWorks and Made Beautiful. On top of that, we were also given juices and snacks to help everyone recuperate after a tough hour of fitness. Score!

Swag bag ❤️ #npcevents #newyearnewyou2017 #naturallyshesdope @edenbodyworks @bymadebeautiful

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You get all of that for only $20, folks.

Session 2 ?? #newyearnewyou2017 #npcevents #naturallyshesdope ??? @body_by_burnhard

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But it’s not the material perks that truly impressed me. Instead, it was the focus on equipping all of the women (and men) in the room with not only moves they can do either at home or at the gym, but also tips to help take care of hair while still keeping activity the prime concern.

The good news is, Naturally She’s Dope and Natural Partners in Crime hope to keep the series going every month. If you’re interested in checking it out, the next series of sessions takes place on February 18. Follow both hair platforms for more deets on specific times and the locale for your date with sweat.