Taraji P. Henson: “I’m Not Straightening My Hair Again”

Taraji P. Henson’s only been rocking her edgy natural cut for a couple of months now but the actress says you better get used to it because she’s not going back.

In a recent interview with Extra’s Tanika Ray, Taraji talked about everything from rumors she’s leaving Empire to being honored by the Black AIDS Institute’s Heroes in the Struggle Awards, as well as her new hairdo. Sharing her motivation for doing the big chop, the 47-year-old said simply, “I wanted to take my curl pattern back.”

Referencing her cover on the October issue of Marie Claire, Taraji explained, “That is the only time I allowed Tym (her hairstylist) to straighten my hair…I’m not straightening my hair again.”

That’s a bold declaration from the Empire star whose been known for her sleek bobs most of her career. Of course, saying she won’t straighten her hair again doesn’t mean she won’t wear a straight style ever again.

In that same issue of Marie Claire, Taraji also talked about her conditions regarding companionship, saying, “I would love to [be in a relationship], but he has to see how I move and deal with it, because I don’t have time to explain. I’ve got work to do.” Expounding on that sentiment in her interview with Extra, the single mother of one added, “I’m very happy. I mean Black women in this business, it’s very complicated, but you know, it’s somebody out there for everybody. It’s work… Who wants to read a book about a relationship that had no issues? That doesn’t exist.”

We hear you girl.