#TBT: Do You Remember This Epic Making The Band Sing-Off?

Last week the tweet below made its way to my Twitter timeline and I felt thoroughly blessed. Making Da Band was a show I watched faithfully during the early 2000s and as soon as I heard the first note of this hood rendition of “Gone” from Brian’s opponent I was taken back to that time. I was also instantly tickled and entertained.

I was one of tens of thousands who retweeted the clip in agreement with this tweeter’s synopsis of why Diddy is the G.O.A.T. But I also labeled it the greatest moment of unity in Black male RB history since U Will Know — and y’all already know how I feel about that song.

But seriously, I could actually kick Brian to this day for pretending he was phased by his “competition.” And then I would hug him and everyone else in the room for the way they held him down as he sang “End of the Road.” In all seriousness, when have you ever seen a more emotional moment among a group of men in wife-beaters, du rags, and braids outside of a funeral? It was beautiful. That’s why I couldn’t stop at the 1-minute clip, I needed to see the whole scene. And now I’m sharing it with you on this wonderful throwback Thursday. Watch, reminisce, enjoy.