#TBT: Your ’90s Crushes Are All Grown Up And On Instagram

Anybody else miss the ’90s?

Of all the many perks of that decade, we miss how simple the times seemed. Representation of Black folks in film and television was abundant. And of the many Black men, young and grown, who had the chance to be on television, we had a crush on most of them. As time has passed, we’ve watched some of our favorite crushes grow to be even finer, and continue on with their fame. But there are also some we haven’t seen or been able to keep up with. So, for the sake of Throwback Thursday, hit the flip to see what some of your ’90s crushes are looking like nowadays.

Brandon Quinton Adams

Brandon was Jesse in Mighty Ducks, as well as Kevin in The Sandlot and Aaron on Moesha. 

Let’s play ball… ⚾️

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