‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Recap: Amber Portwood Storms Stage for Violent Brawl With Farrah Abraham

Asking the tough questions! Dr. Drew Pinsky gathered the stars of Teen Mom OG for the reunion on Monday, December 5. Newly married Maci Bookout didn’t have a lot of drama to share, but as you can guess, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham had plenty! Like, way more than plenty.

Maci and Ryan Get Emotional

The veteran mom and rookie wife was doing pretty well, so Dr. Drew chose to ask about her oldest child’s dad, Ryan Edwards. She revealed that his strained relationship with his own dad had made her afraid for his relationship with 7-year-old Bentley.

Ryan came out, and Dr. Drew asked why he doesn’t work. Maci backed the doctor up, asking Ryan if he gets bored sitting at home all the time, so he countered by asking the author what her job is. She responded that she runs two companies. Fair enough.

Later, while talking about his fight with his father, Ryan began to cry, making Maci, Dr. Drew, his mom and his girlfriend cry, too.

Dr. Drew didn’t quite let Maci off the hook when it came to talking about herself, though. He said she seemed happier than ever, but had to ask about her third pregnancy, which was unplanned.

“You didn’t learn your lesson…?” he asked the original Teen Mom.

She got a chance to explain that she had been on birth control but had simply been one of the statistically few who still got pregnant while using contraception. Don’t worry; she’s on a new birth control now!

Farrah and Simon Get Catty

Next up, Farrah was asked about her constant fights with her mom, Debra Danielsen. Farrah was quick to confront Dr. Drew about the times he expressed frustration with her behavior in public. He pointed out that he is a talk show host, not a doctor, in their relationship, but he did apologize, so she accepted.

Luckily, Farrah was able to report that her relationship with her parents was getting better with the help of therapy. “We definitely have love, and we’re working on it,” she said. When Debra came out to speak to Dr. Drew, she agreed that things were improving between them.

Simon Saran came out next and he, and Farrah maintained that they were still just friends. As they moved on to bickering about Farrah’s ring again, it became clear that “just friends” is great for now.

They united about one thing, though, and it was how mean Simon has been to Amber and her fiancé, Matt Baier, which they thought was hilarious. As they laughed about Simon calling him a pedophile, Amber came charging out from backstage, cursing and trying to get in Farrah’s face until producers rushed to restrain her.

Amber and Everyone Else Get in a Major Brawl

Dr. Drew got in between Amber and Farrah, but they still found a way to antagonize one another until Amber actually swung at her. Out of nowhere, Farrah’s parents came back out at the same time as Matt, who pushed Farrah’s dad onto the floor. Security descended on the scene as Farrah screamed that Amber and Matt were criminals. Amber responded that yes, she was a felon, and yes, she would tell Farrah how she felt about her to her face. (The language was too, uh, colorful for any direct quotes here. Trust Us.)

After Amber and Matt were escorted off the set, Dr. Drew commended Farrah for keeping her cool. She responded by saying that she feels the same sort of contention between herself and Maci and Catelynn Lowell, so she didn’t take Amber’s outburst personally.

Farrah pointed out that Amber being mad about Farrah recording their phone call a few months prior was “hilarious” because they’re both aware they’re on a show.

“I let her be her,” Farrah said. “I let her embarrass myself.”

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Maci, Catelynn and Amber Get Outta There

Dr. Drew had intended to bring all four OGs out for the last segment, but obviously that wasn’t happening, so he only got Maci, Catelynn and Amber.

Maci was furious that Farrah had been able to slander them all while they weren’t on stage to defend themselves, so as soon as the segment started, she took aim at the frozen yogurt entrepreneur.

She said that she had come in early to take Farrah’s filming spot because Farrah had a “bitch fit” and ended up leaving. Maci said it wasn’t fair that she and the others had worked harder for the show, while Farrah did whatever she wanted for the last eight years. Then, the three former teen moms took off their mics and walked off set, leaving Dr. Drew to explain to the audience that he hadn’t known they were planning to do that, but that he hoped viewers understood that was the “reality” of their lives.

Tell Us: Seriously, what just happened?

Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV Monday, January 2, at 9 p.m. ET. 

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