Teen Writes Heartfelt Letter To Local Dealership, Is Shocked When They Give Her Family THIS!

Sixteen-year-old Maiya James was tired of seeing her family struggle. Her severely disabled sister, Mariah, needs around-the-clock care, and it’s difficult for her mom, Miss Catherine, to get her to her doctor’s appointments and make ends meet.

Life was looking pretty grim for the James family.

Conditions worsened for the family when their van broke down. Not able to afford repairs, Maiya’s mom lost her only way to transport Mariah.

Determined, Maiya took matters into her own hands. She reached out online and after spending several exhausting hours looking through websites, found a local car dealership she thought would be willing to at least read her story. She sent the owner an email, explaining her family’s situation.

The dealership—Dani’s Auto—was floored by her family’s story. The owners of Dani’s Auto, Joe and Dani Levi, felt they needed to get involved. They showed up to Maiya’s house—a joyous surprise for Maiya’s mom.

Joe explains why Maiya’s email stood out to him. “It wasn’t just someone asking for help, there was a story behind it. I could relate to the story…I saw the struggles that the family went through, and it made me feel like it was something I wanted to be a part of.”

After the team arrived at Maiya’s house, something even more amazing happened. As far as Maiya knew, the team from Dani’s Auto was at her house to fix their broken van, but she was wrong. Instead, they gave the James family a brand new van, moving Maiya’s mom to tears in response to their generosity.

Check out the story below!

While this story ended up a happy one, there is a multitude of dangerous activities associated with talking to strangers on the internet. Teenagers are popular targets for scam artists and predators. Teach your kids to be safe and be smart.

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