The Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2016

As we prepare to restock our beauty bags for 2017, we are also looking back at the past year and admiring the most popular makeup trends of 2016. This year, beauty addicts perfected their pouts with neutral lip colours in soft nude and tan shades, with liquid lipsticks making a splash as a reigning beauty must-have. Meanwhile, we also dusted our eyelids with rosy metallic shadows and stepped out with beautifully glowing visages. With January 1 looming ahead and a new year of beauty on the horizon, we reflect on 2016’s signature looks which broke Instagram and ruled the catwalks.

Photo: girl_mychael on Instagram 

Nude and greige lips: While red lips and pastel pinks also enjoyed their moment in the sun this season, it was understated tones which truly stole the spotlight. In fact, the look of greige (a perfectly titled combination of grey and beige) was the look du jour, with liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks making a statement. Paired with glowing skin and winged liner, nude and greige lip colours were a flawless neutral finishing touch.

Photo: elliecundy on Instagram 

Rose gold eyelids: For a break from typical shades of silver and gold, makeup gurus dusted their eyelids with rose gold eyeshadow this year. The shimmery, soft metallic shade instantly brightened lids and brought a beautiful accent to makeup looks for both day and night. From darker, coppery hues to barely there rosy tints, rose gold shadow was spotted on skin tones of every type in 2016.

Photo: whateverlolastyles on Instagram 

Glowing highlighter: Anyone who favoured powdered foundation would have been left sorely disappointed this year, as glowing highlighter reigned supreme instead. Beauty lovers stepped out with fiercely highlighted cheeks, for a shift from the typical look of contoured perfection. Illuminated faces were paired with glossy pouts and sparkling eyes, for a burst of fresh-faced, radiant beauty.