The Biggest Health Benefits Of Juicing

Photo: ari_violet_ on Instagram 

While we’ve all heard of the gruelling and extreme detox cleanses that are on the market, the benefits of a glass of freshly squeezed juice are often misunderstood. Although it’s hardly advisable to replace your entire diet with blended produce, there are countless health advantages to incorporating some fresh juice into your day. If you’ve been struggling to meet the daily suggested serving of fruits and vegetables, freshly squeezed juice could be the gift that your body has been longing for. The juicing craze has infiltrated healthy living guides, and claims to offer benefits that can protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. With a frenzy of raw food juice bars popping up around Canada, it’s no surprise that the juice trend has made its way into our kitchens at home. 

Unlike processed juices sold at local supermarkets, freshly juiced beverages are loaded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Juicing offers a fast and easy solution for regularly consuming the natural nutrients that are found in fruits and vegetables. Consuming raw pressed juice adds some variety to your diet, helps revitalize energy levels and boosts the immune system. It could be a natural alternative to stimulants like coffee, composed of pure ingredients that are high in nutritional value. Since juices are easily digestible, their benefits are fast-acting, and can breathe new life into your lazy day.

Contrary to popular belief, juicing does not require elaborate equipment or a costly trip to the local juice vendor. By blending together your favourite fruits or vegetables, you can customize a tasty and nutritious juice to your liking. However, it is important to only make as much as you can consume at one time, as leaving fresh juice out in the open can attract bacteria or other pathogens. If your body is lacking a healthy intake of nutrients gained from fruits and vegetables, juicing could be the key to achieving a well-balanced diet. Turning raw fruits and vegetable into a liquid is a tasty way to detox safely, and helps to promote a healthy and refined lifestyle as a result.