The Braxton Sisters Say Never Confront A Man About Cheating Unless You’re Ready To Do Something About It

Listennnnnnnnn they just delivered the word! Stop looking if you staying! Going through his phone to find out if he cheating to cry and stay. Coming to other females as a woman to fight and stay. Arguing with him about how much he’s hurting you to yell and stay! Sis as long as you stay YOU WILL LOSE! It’s a difference between a man that cheated on you vs a man that’s cheating on you. First lemme be clear, NEITHER ARE ACCEPTABLE! But a man that cheated on you is a one time action. If you’re married that’s the shit therapy counseling and prayer can help reconcile. But if he’s cheatING as in ON GOING as in multiple times as in a whole affair, ain’t a damn thing you can do to fix that baby love! And once you find out about her and you stay she is no longer the side bitch, she is his other woman! Y’all are SHARING that male! *emphasis on male and not man* . Unless you leaving save yourself the stress of pressing the issue. The only thing you should be pressing is GO! Pull off on em! ✌?✌?✌?✌?

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The Braxton sisters are always having interesting, lively discussions. And occasionally, during one of them a gem or two will be dropped. I haven’t watched the show in a while so I don’t know the background context but as the group was sitting there, chatting it up with their mother they started talking about infidelity.

And in the moment, Toni announced that she knew better than to ask a man about another woman–as in, if he were sleeping with her.

But there was a caveat. You are not to ask a man if he’s cheating on you unless you are ready, willing and able to do something about it.

Toni even went so far as to say that asking and not doing anything about it, makes you the other woman. He doesn’t have to respect you. He doesn’t have to explain anything to you. He doesn’t owe you anything. He has no responsibility toward you because your decision to stay in the midst of the foolishness proves that there are no consequences for his actions.

Tamar spelled things out a bit more bluntly.

“If you ain’t finna leave your man, let your man cheat on your a$$ in peace…Stop bothering him, harboring on it. Stop asking about these b*tches, not unless you finna do something.”
As I was watching Tamar in all of her extraness, I couldn’t help but think about her friend Tiny.

Despite the fact she just recently filed for divorce, we all know that T.I. has been outchere. And based on the very public ways Tiny has been confronted by her husband’s infidelity and the ways in which she’s publicly responded–poppin’ off on Instagram, releasing singles titled, “It Ain’t Nothin’ To Cut That Dick Off,” we can assume that she and her husband have had some private conversations as well.

But despite the social media clapbacks and the single, she wasn’t truly ready to leave him. So her questioning him, perhaps even their arguments without any consequences afterward, let him know that he didn’t have to take her feelings into consideration. Because, after all, she never left him, Heiress is proof they didn’t stop having sex and I’m sure she remained as supportive as she always was. Why stop?

“Do something about it” doesn’t necessarily mean leave either. It could mean y’all seek counseling. It could mean you seek to understand what the hell happened but also issue the warning that if it should happen again, you will be out.

What do you think of this bit of relationship advice from Miss E?