The Canadian Fitness Classes That Will Whip You Into Shape



If you haven’t quite achieved that bikini body, do not fret. With an entire month of summer left you have plenty of time to tone up and shed those extra pounds, you put on over the winter months or on that indulgent carbo-loaded Italian vacation full pasta and pizza. Instead of aimlessly wandering the gym, misusing confusing equipment or mindlessly running on the treadmill like a hamster on a wheel, try out an innovative workout class. These classes are sure to get your blood pumping and body sweating in unique ways that may not even feel like working out. So rip the tags off those new workout clothes sitting in the corner of your closet and get your butt to one of these fresh fitness studios.




Ballet Lounge: BalletFit

These classes which feature techniques rooted in ballet take place at the Ballet Lounge, located at 1340 Granville Street. If you’re looking to tone and perfect your balance, this class is right up your alley. Expect a mix of work on ballet bars and cardio. Classes range from 30-90 minutes and cost $15-$26 per class and $45-$100 for private lessons.

The Practise Studio: Rise

Rise low impact strength training classes focus on muscle conditioning by employing the use of single person trampolines and kettlebells. Rise offers a range of classes which have a core focus on health and wellness, meditation, stretching, conditioning, and life motivation. The classes take place at The Practice Studio on 102-1500 Howe Street and cost $24 for a drop in.  Class packs are also available.




Lagree YYC

Lagree YYC is so confident you’ll love their workouts, they offer first-time attendees a free class. Lagree, located at 5123 Elbow Drive SW, uses Megaformers to offer clients a full body workout that strengthens the core, burns calories, and conditions muscles. This high-intensity workout highlights slow and controlled movements to help kick-start your metabolism. Class packages begin at $49 for your first week and drop-ins cost $29. Larger class packages, private sessions, and small group classes are also available.


At TRX come prepared to sweat. These high-intensity programs (which were designed by Navy Seals) start at $17.50 for a drop-in class. TRX classes take place at the Fit Republic located at 898 McPherson Road NE. TRX has clients use suspension straps to improve muscle strength, balance, and flexibility.  




Barre Body Studios: Barre Body Fit

This luxurious studio featuring glitzy chandeliers and chic gym-wear is a millennial haven. The Whitemud location even features a juice bar, which is perfect for post-workout cravings. Pulsating classes combine the barre to help clients achieve a strong lean figure.  The Barre Body Studios are located at 4211 106 Street. NW #184 and 11996 109A Avenue. Drop-in classes start at $20 and multi-class passes are available for purchase as well.

Hive Fit Co.: Rowing

This fast-paced workout is great for those trying to up their endurance game. As the only rowing studio in Edmonton, located at Hive Fit Co. on 10343 Jasper Avenue, these workouts which combine floor work and rowing are extremely popular. The Instagram famous tile wall that features the slogan “Together We Sweat” is known to bring in eager clients who are excited to share their workouts on social media. Rowing classes start at $20 and monthly memberships are priced at $200.




Surfset Toronto

Surfset Toronto offers people the unique opportunity to train on a wobbling surfboard. Workouts lead clients through core strengthening moves likes crunches, yoga stances like the warrior pose, and some classic surf positions. You can catch a wave at Surfset on 2481A Yonge Street for $20 a class or an unlimited monthly package at $399.

Orange Theory Fitness

These 1-hour fitness classes work with interval training to get your heart in the perfect zone to burn the maximum amount of calories. Through heart monitors strapped to your chest, wrist or arm you will be able to track your progress on the multiple screens displayed in the orange-lit studio. The workouts take place on the treadmill, rowing machines, and floor for a full body experience. Splat points earned will help motivate those in attendance to go all-out. Orange Theory has multiple studios littered throughout the city and offer newcomers a free first class. Monthly passes start at $59 for 4 classes and go up to $159 for unlimited classes.